About Us


  • The Sigma Shanghai Company  design & install full range of Passenger Lift, Panoramic Lift, Car Lift, Freight Lift, Stair Lift, Hospital Lift, Service Lift, Machine room less Lift, Home Lift, Dumb waiter Lift, Steel structure Lift, Customized Lifts etc.
  • Putting quality always above everything else, Our purchase system, production process, installation & inspection, training, technology support, branch agency management are in the effective control.
  • We have a strong service network in all main cities in China and worldwide which offer attentive and satisfactory services for customers. We are equipped with an excellent business-respecting and sincere team with strong creative innovation in technology, ceaselessly improving in quality and continuously perfecting in service as well as proving quality products and services for our customers.
  • The core purpose of Sigma Shanghai is to provide first class solutions by providing design, maintenance-programs, service, modernization programs & consultation for products without sacrificing a personal and flexible approach to their clients for low-medium-high rise Installations.
  • In pursuit of this goal, we always standby commitments, where emphasis will be placed on error prevention rather than error detection. Our core values are professional, perfection, fairness, sincerity, enthusiasm and advancement.
  • Our reputation has been burnished by our ability to attract an exceptionally talented, dedicated staff; by the integrity with which we perform our work; and by our steadfast adherence to the Sigma’s core purpose and core values.
  • We are willing to have our predestined relationship with longer feelings forever.
  • Keeping the warmest feeling and sharing the occupation progress between us.




Our story

Sigma Shanghai is founded in ………, Heritage of the founder brings many years of proven experience and engineering strength, global sourcing and field-tested quality, along with our willingness to accept challenging requirements, set us apart from the competition. Sigma Shanghai is a brand that began life in a local context but in this section, you can relive Sigma Shanghai enthralling history and get to know the people. Sigma Shanghai. has gathered the most high-tech, top quality and long lasting equipment and components for our products, that brings one of the excellent and longest period guaranty in this industry. Sigma Shanghai provides the optimal solution for any new constriction or modernization projects.

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